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Ship Chandlers

Ship Chandlers.

AncShip, more than just a supply company, is a logistics supply platform for ships in transit and for ships operating in Panama's ports. Our provisioning processes are an integral part of our Vision, backed by our wholesale partners, our privileged position at the heart of the world shipping trade and a robust structure of professional talent at your service.



We place on board of your vessels, products directly from the field and farm. We have a large stock of fresh fruits and vegetables, animal protein, packaged and frozen products, grains, cereals and dressings with a guarantee of freshness and quality that only AncShip can offer.

We supply to our customers with a wide range of the best bonded stores products such: Canned Beverages, Wines, Beers, Spirits, Liquors, Rums, Tobacco products, Cigarettes, Cigars, Chocolates and Snacks.

We stand out for handling all categories of Deck Store products such as Mechanical Tools, Chemical Products, Ropes & Hawsers, Cargo & Deck Equipment, Safety Equipments and others General Bridge Equipment

Thanks to our prestigious suppliers, we have the ability to provide our customers with each and every one of the products required for the cabin. Household appliances for industrial use, kitchen appliances, detergents and soaps, lingerie and textiles are part of the wide range of products AncShip offers wide range of products that in AncShip we can offer.

We are experts in naval repairs & maintenances, due to this, we know which are the main spare parts that your vessel needs in contingencies cases. We have a wide range of engine parts and other implements such as couplings, bearings, pipes, valves, gaskets, spare parts and others.

We are an electrical components store and have a large inventory of products such as: batteries, all types of luminaires, wiring, electronic spare parts for instruments, switches, electrical sockets, control panels, fuses, panel parts, battery chargers. Please complete your requirements in our AncShip Quote section.

At AncShip we work with seafarers, so we are responsible for prevention, first aid and emergencies. This allows us to provide our customers with special and updated equipment and implements such as: fire extinguishers in all ranges, reflective uniforms, helmets, resuscitation and first aid equipment, medicines, lifeboats and life rafts, lifeboat implements, smoke signals and everything necessary for the safety of personnel and passengers.

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Ancship Corp. has a large stock of top quality products in the ranges of mechanical, electrical and tooling spare parts. We are guaranteed suppliers of fresh and refrigerated food and the world's most recognized brands of food and waxes. State-of-the-art products in the field of safety and a wide variety of products for the cabin.