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Under Water


AncShip has trained and certified personnel in the area of underwater cleaning and professional diving. Submarine work is important because it frees your company from high annual costs that translate into effective ship navigation, time and fuel savings.




We locate our technical specialists in the ports of Panama where the vessel is located to record the status of the underwater area of the vessel.


Once the inspection is done, our technicians will be ready to clean and polish the propellers of the vessels, we constantly update techniques and tools for the performance of our work under any circumstances.

At AncShip we have the talent personnel, equipment and tools to perform a full hull cleaning service, removing incrustations throughout the underwater area of the vessel.

You can count on us for all underwater repairs required by the vessels, both structural and navigational.

We do maintenance with welding, temporary or permanent in the structure of the hulls of the ships, you can contact us in the main ports of Panama.

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